This is a little deja-vu!

So, let me begin (again):

This is the second time that I’ve run a blog at The first one is long gone now so let’s not dwell on it, but please, feel free to drop a comment on this post and explain the virtues of backing up your data to me. I really will appreciate it. Going forward, this will become my little space on the web where I can drop my thoughts on life as a professional Developer, the things that I’m working on in the moment which will become a reference for myself (and others who might read it), and anything else that might take my fancy along the way. This blog is an open house, you’re welcome back anytime and you’re free to drop me comments. Disagree with something I said, or have an opinion yourself? Let me know. I love a good banter.


If you can't find what you're looking for drop a comment on a post, or contact me so that I can take care of it!

My favourite places

A few websites that I visit: